Career openings in Australian Agricultural Company (AA Co)

The Australian Agricultural Company (AA Co) is a company which serves to improve beef cattle production through responsible natural resource and land use. Founded in 1824 through an Act of the British Parliament, with the right to select 1,000,000 acres (4,047 km2) in New South Wales for agricultural development, it is one of Australia’s oldest still-operating companies.

Its headquarters are today in Brisbane and it has been listed (or relisted) on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2001. As of July 2008 it had a staff of 500 and operates 24 cattle stations and 2 feed lots, consisting of over 565,000 beef cattle.

Among the principal members of this company were the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General of England, 28 Members of Parliament, including Mr. Brougham, and Mr. Joseph Hume, the Governor, Deputy Governor and eight of the directors of the Bank of England; the Chairman and Deputy-Chairman and five directors of the British East India Company, besides many other eminent bankers and merchants of England. Agricultural Company acquired its first property Tahlee in New South Wales on 24 December 1829.

The area selected under the founding charter extended from Port Stephens, embracing the Karuah River valley, to the Gloucester flats, and to the Manning River, including most of the northern shore of Port Stephens, extending to 464,640 acres (1,880 km2). The company had commenced its operations in order to improve flocks of Merino sheep in New South Wales for export to Great Britain. Merino sheep were preferred because there was an abundance of land at the time and because the mild winters meant there was no cost for housing or handfeeding stock.

Bore Mechanic – Brunette Downs

Bore Mechanic – Canobie

Bore Runner – Anthony Lagoon & Eva Downs

Bore Runner – Brunette Downs

Bore Runner – Eva Downs

Bore Runner – Headingly

Farm Hand – Wylarah

Graduate Position

Head Stock Person – Anthony Lagoon & Eva Downs

Head Stock Person – Avon Downs

Head Stock Person – Headingly

Home Tutor – Brunette Downs

Home Tutor – Wondoola

Livestock Hand – Aronui

Livestock Hand – Goonoo

Machinery Operator & Maintenance

Maintenace Fitter

Meat Processing Staff

Mechanic – Camfield

Road Train Driver

Station Cook – Avon Downs

Station Cook – Dalgonally

Station Cook – Eva Downs

Station Cook – La Belle

Station Hand – Anthony Lagoon

Station Hand – Avon Downs

Station Hand – Brunette Downs

Station Hand – Carbeen Park

Station Hand – Carrum

Station Hand – Dalgonally

Station Hand – Eva Downs

Station Hand – La Belle

Station Hand – South Galway

Station Hand – Wylarah

Technical Assistant – Carrum