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Miley Cyrus Sizzles In High-Cut One-Piece Set a Thirst Trap Gold Swimsuit and Teases Jaded Music Video With Liam Hemsworth Breakup Lyric !!

Miley Cyrus, the iconic American singer, songwriter, and actress, has made her way through many personal and professional transitions and transitions as of late. Cyrus has been a major force in the music world for more than a decade, but her most recent social media post has us all looking back at her journey. In the last 24 hours, Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa both posted pictures in their bathing suits on Instagram and it wasn’t long before Cyrus followed suit, sharing her own sparkly, high-cut one piece swimsuit.

Miley Cyrus Sizzles In High-Cut One-Piece Set a Thirst Trap Gold Swimsuit
Miley Cyrus Sizzles In High-Cut One-Piece Set a Thirst Trap Gold Swimsuit

In her post, she quote the pre-chorus of one of her Endless Summer Vacation song “Jaded”, seemingly alluding to her relationship and subsequent divorce with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus’ life has undergone many ups and downs over the last decade, especially during her marriage to Hemsworth. In December of 2020, Cyrus spoke to Howard Stern about what she went through and the feelings she has for Hemsworth, despite the difficulties they experienced while married.

The couple had been on-off for years before getting married in 2018 and subsequently divorced a year later. The struggles were said to have only been exacerbated after a 2018 Woolsey fire destroyed their home. When Cyrus released her song “Slide Away” months after the split, it was unclear as to how much of the song was about Hemsworth. Since then, she’s spoken about it in interviews, revealing the inner turmoil she was going through at the time.

The lyrics in “Slide Away” and “Jaded” are a reflection of how at the time she felt like her heart was broken, but she was too proud to admit it. Cyrus has been described as a “storyteller,” and is arguably one of the most idolized celebrities and public figures of today. She has gone through some of her most painful experiences in public, while managing to maintain her strong public persona despite the constant spotlight. After divorcing Hemsworth, Cyrus spent 2020 focusing on her music and her activism work. She

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