Latest Job Openings at Qatar Foundation

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Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development  is a semi-private chartered, non-profit organization in Qatar, founded in 1995 by then-emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and his second wife Moza bint Nasser. In addition to private funding, it is government-supported and in some ways government-funded. Qatar Foundation (QF), chaired by Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, has spearheaded Qatar’s endeavors to establish itself as a leader in education, science, and cultural development on both a regional and global scale. QF has stated an aim “to support Qatar on its journey from a carbon economy to a knowledge economy by unlocking human potential.”

The organization’s initiatives are oriented towards education, science and research, and community development. It has solicited a number of international universities to establish campuses in Qatar as part of its goal to develop a youth population with the necessary expertise to maintain a knowledge economy. Its main science and research agenda is developing Qatar’s technological capacity by researching new technologies which can be successfully commercialized. In addition to diversifying the economy, this strategy also helps satisfy Qatar’s aim of becoming a research and development hub. The foundation’s social development programs aim to preserve Qatar’s culture, “foster a progressive society” and to confront pressing social issues.

Current Vacancies – Qatar Foundation

Head of Culture Integration

Senior Strategy Specialist

Industry Partnerships & Business Development Manager

Director of RDI Policy

Director of RDI Performance Evaluation

Legal Counselor

Senior Security & Threat Specialist

Budgeting & Analysis Expert

Head of Business Continuity

Director of RDI Budgeting & Financial Analysis