Latest Job Openings in Azadea Group

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Azadea Group is a retail company that owns and operates more than 50 international franchise concepts across the Middle East and North Africa. Since its inception in 1978, the Group has developed a stores representing brand names in fashion and accessories, food and beverage, home furnishings, sporting goods and multimedia. With over 11,000 employees, the company has more than 600 stores spread across 13 countries including Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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IRC34200 – Waiter Bahrain, Bahrain City Center
IRC34104 – Runner Bahrain, Bahrain City Center
IRC33739 – Assistant Manager Bahrain, Manama
IRC33321 – Kitchen Chef Bahrain, Seef Mall
IRC33240 – Assistant Manager 2 Bahrain, Bahrain City Center
IRC33080 – Sales Associate Bahrain, Bahrain City Center
IRC32926 – Assistant Manager Bahrain, Manama
IRC32936 – Assistant Manager 2 Bahrain, Manama
IRC32933 – Shop Manager Bahrain, Manama
IRC32921 – Shop Manager Bahrain, Manama
IRC32894 – Style Advisor Bahrain, Bahrain City Center
IRC32614 – Stock Keeper Bahrain, Bahrain City Center
IRC32774 – Financial Controller Kuwait, Al Bahar Center
IRC28081 – Senior Training and Development Specialist Kuwait
IRC30622 – Driver Kuwait
IRC30424 – Kitchen Chef Kuwait
IRC30421 – Floor Supervisor Kuwait
IRC30417 – Barista Kuwait
IRC29711 – Chef de Partie Kuwait
IRC29710 – Commis Kuwait
IRC31152 – Butcher Kuwait
IRC31481 – Assistant Restaurant Manager Kuwait
IRC32362 – Counter Sales Associate Kuwait
IRC24010 – Stock Keeper Kuwait, Al Bahar Center
IRC11840 – Restaurant Manager Kuwait, Kuwait City
IRC12569 – Shop Manager Kuwait, Kuwait City
IRC15433 – Sales Associate Kuwait, Kuwait City
IRC16891 – Assistant Manager Kuwait, Kuwait City
IRC29712 – Bakery Sous Chef Kuwait, Kuwait City
IRC19907 – Waiter Kuwait, Kuwait City
IRC31547 – Executive Chef Kuwait
IRC33845 – Sales Associate Oman, Muscat
IRC33342 – Waiter Oman, Muscat
IRC33318 – Commis Oman, Muscat
IRC33317 – Barista Oman, Muscat
IRC32875 – Coordinator Muscat City Center
IRC32736 – Commis Oman, Muscat
IRC31244 – Bakery Commis Muscat Grand Mall
IRC31190 – Stock Keeper Muscat City Center
IRC30205 – Kitchen Sous Chef Muscat City Center
IRC30244 – BUTCHER Oman, Muscat
IRC30062 – Chef de Partie Muscat Grand Mall
IRC34256 – Kitchen Chef Qatar, Doha Festival City
IRC34190 – Human Resources Field Team Leader Qatar, Office
IRC34013 – Beauty Advisor Qatar, Villaggio Mall
IRC33812 – F&B Senior Quality Control Specialist Qatar, Doha
IRC32573 – Make-up Artist Qatar, Mall of Qatar
IRC32006 – Shop Manager Qatar, Doha
IRC31912 – Assistant Restaurant Manager Qatar, Doha
IRC31883 – Hostess Qatar, Gulf Mall
IRC31881 – Pastry Commis Qatar, Doha
IRC31453 – Sales Associate Qatar, Doha
IRC29847 – Commis Qatar, Doha
IRC29720 – Juice Junky Qatar, Doha
IRC29608 – Restaurant Manager Qatar, Doha
IRC29605 – Barista Qatar, Doha
IRC29473 – Runner Qatar, Doha
IRC29474 – Counter Sales Associate Qatar, Doha
IRC29196 – Floor Supervisor Qatar, Doha
IRC29180 – Assistant Manager Qatar, Doha
IRC28258 – Pastry Commis Qatar, Doha
IRC26518 – Cashier Qatar, Doha
IRC25292 – Tailor Qatar, Doha
IRC25485 – Stock Keeper Qatar, Doha
IRC25285 – Assistant Manager 2 Qatar, Doha
IRC25948 – Waiter Qatar, Doha
IRC25443 – Chef de Partie Qatar, Doha
IRC30112 – Floor Supervisor Saudi Arabia
IRC33751 – Pastry Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC32315 – Cashier Saudi Arabia
IRC31232 – F&B Retail Manager Saudi Arabia
IRC31157 – Kitchen Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC31158 – Kitchen Sous Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC31137 – Bakery Sous Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC31139 – Assistant Restaurant Manager Saudi Arabia
IRC31057 – Pastry Sous Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC30885 – Head Butcher Saudi Arabia
IRC30751 – Head Waiter Saudi Arabia
IRC30499 – Hostess Saudi Arabia
IRC30500 – Kitchen Sous Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC30501 – Pastry Commis Saudi Arabia
IRC30426 – Demi Chef de Partie Saudi Arabia
IRC30357 – Pastry Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC30082 – Assistant Manager 2 Saudi Arabia
IRC29925 – Driver Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
IRC29910 – Coordinator Saudi Arabia
IRC29791 – Pastry Chef Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
IRC29348 – Assistant Manager Saudi Arabia
IRC28769 – Shop Manager Saudi Arabia
IRC28533 – Bakery Commis Saudi Arabia
IRC28286 – Pastry Commis Saudi Arabia
IRC28021 – BUTCHER Saudi Arabia
IRC27260 – Counter Sales Associate Saudi Arabia
IRC27262 – Chef de Partie Saudi Arabia
IRC26641 – Stock Keeper Saudi Arabia
IRC26407 – Kitchen Chef Saudi Arabia
IRC25082 – Assistant Restaurant Manager Saudi Arabia
IRC12394 – Restaurant Manager Saudi Arabia
IRC24631 – Sales Associate Saudi Arabia
IRC12404 – Commis Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
IRC21275 – Waiter Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
IRC12393 – Runner Saudi Arabia
IRC21278 – Barista Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
IRC34259 – Junior IT Field Support Specialist UAE, Dubai
IRC34211 – Sales Associate UAE, Dubai, Mall Of The Emirates
IRC30157 – Executive Sous Chef UAE, Dubai
IRC34187 – Sales Associate UAE, Dubai
IRC34185 – Regional Visual Merchandiser UAE, Dubai
IRC34117 – Floor Supervisor UAE, Dubai
IRC12454 – Pastry Commis UAE, Fujairah
IRC34094 – Waiter UAE, Dubai
IRC33692 – Commis UAE, Dubai
IRC33669 – Kitchen Sous Chef UAE, Dubai
IRC33665 – Assistant Restaurant Manager UAE, Dubai
IRC29669 – Waiter UAE, Dubai
IRC21794 – Runner UAE, Dubai
IRC34097 – Data Entry Controller UAE, Dubai
IRC33938 – Restaurant Manager UAE, Dubai
IRC33929 – Cashier UAE, Dubai
IRC33673 – Regional Executive Chef UAE, Dubai
IRC32962 – Head of E Commerce UAE, Dubai