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Chloe Cherry Shines in Urban Decay’s Latest Campaign: Unveiling the Vice Lip Bond Backtalk Collection

Urban Decay has once again tapped the dazzling talent of “Euphoria” actress Chloe Cherry to front their latest campaign, revealing the alluring Vice Lip Bond Backtalk collection. Steeped in a fusion of classic Hollywood allure and contemporary flair, the campaign captures Cherry in a cinematic embrace, set within an old-school-style Hollywood screening room. Bedecked in a cherry-printed corset top accentuated by fur-trimmed shoulders and sleeves, Cherry radiates elegance.

Complementing the ensemble is a pink ruffle skirt and playful pink platform peep-toe heels, seamlessly blending vintage glamour with a modern sensibility. Beyond her striking appearance, Cherry’s advocacy for self-confidence and resilience shines through as she confidently showcases her lips, both a canvas for expression and a reflection of her journey. The actress has previously shared her thoughtful approach to managing both positive and negative commentary about her lips, making her an ideal choice for this empowering campaign.

Proudly putting her lips on display, she embodies the spirit of Urban Decay’s Vice Lip Bond Backtalk collection. At the heart of the Vice Lip Bond Backtalk collection are six stunning shades of lip gloss that promise more than just color. These glosses are designed to be smudge-proof, waterproof, and transfer-resistant, ensuring that wearers enjoy both longevity and beauty.

As the collection readies for its official launch on Thursday, excitement brews among beauty enthusiasts. Priced at $27, the collection will debut on before becoming available at Sephora and Ulta, making it accessible to a wide range of makeup aficionados.